Why license management? #4 save on installed licenses but never been used

manage software license
With license management you can track the licenses installed on retired hardware and unused software installations after changes in job functions of the employee.

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Why license management? #3 save on future upgrades and renewals

license management software
When taking all licenses under the control you can save on upgrades by simply renew only licenses that are installed and used.

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Why license management? #2 reduce audit time and costs for non-compliance

manage software licenses
With license management, audit could be fast and effective, instead of penalties for non-compliant and days of preparing license compliance reports.

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Why license management? #1 prevent over-purchasing of licenses

why license management software
The only way to prevent over-purchasing of licenses is to track actual usage of each software license and identify installations that are not being used.

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What is license management?

The main task of the software license management procedure is to meet compliance standards, reduce IT costs and minimize the risk of external audit.

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